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Attire Inspiration

Explore the ideal attire for our the events of our wedding weekend.

Welcome Dinner

Italian Chic - Men


Italian Chic - Women


Event: Welcome Dinner

Attire: Italian Chic

Men: For the welcome dinner, men can wear a button-down shirt paired with slacks, possibly a linen sport coat.

Women: For the welcome dinner, women can wear flowy dresses, long skirts, or other feminine ensembles in light and airy fabrics. Complete the outfit with comfortable yet fashionable footwear like sandals or wedges; we will be on grass and gravel.


Please have fun with this!

The Wedding Day

Black Tie Optional - Men


Black Tie Optional - Women

black tie 1.jpg

Event: Wedding Day

Attire: Black Tie Optional

Men: For the wedding day, men have the option to dress formally in a tuxedo or a dark suit. A tuxedo typically includes a black or dark blue jacket, matching trousers, a crisp white dress shirt, and a black bow tie. Alternatively, men can choose to wear a dark suit paired with a white or light colored dress shirt and a tie or bowtie.

Women: For the wedding day, women should wear formal floor-length gowns or mid-length dresses.  Complete the look with comfortable heels like wedges or sandals.  We will again be walking on grass and gravel.  We encourage you to embrace color and patterns when selecting your gown.

The Day After

Casual - Men

Casual - Women


Event: Day After Wedding

Attire: Casual

For the relaxed daytime poolside gathering and barbecue, feel free to embrace casual and comfortable attire. We recommend stylish outfits like sundresses, shorts, or lightweight linen pants paired with breathable tops. Don't forget to bring your favorite swimwear for a dip in the pool. Comfortable sandals or flip-flops are ideal footwear options, make sure to pack sunglasses and a sun hat. Remember, the focus is on enjoying the sunshine, good food, and great company in a laid-back atmosphere.

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